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Avoiding Drop Shipping Scams

December 1st, 2010

Entrepreneurs who use eCommerce to start their online retail supplies business are becoming increasingly dependable on drop shipping. With the rise in popularity of drop ship models among  suppliers, the scams associated with this business is also becoming more and more prevalent.

The internet is replete with stories about such rip-offs perpetuated by scammers, who hide behind the mask of lawful online business opportunities. Newbie online business entrepreneurs are potential targets for such people, many of whom fall prey to promises of overnight success.
The fact remains that like any online or offline business, dropshipping too takes time, energy and enormous amount of effort to develop. When you are searching for a drop ship company for your business, you must realize that legitimate and successful companies will not advertize themselves in a tone that borders on desperation. Also, they do not need to make unreasonable promises or offers to new business owners.

To find genuine UK drop shippers is not an easy task. Securing a trustworthy and dependable relationship with your suppliers is crucial to the success of your online retail venture. Your supplier can define to a large extent, how your business will integrate with other members in the supply chain and also your relationship with your customers. A drop shipping company that is prompt in executing orders and maintains the quality of the merchandize can go a long way in keeping your clients happy and attracting new customers.

There are some time-tested practices which can help you neatly sidestep such scammers. Many wholesale suppliers make the mistake of relying solely on information provided by an internet search to locate drop shippers. The best way to locate legitimate suppliers is through online wholesale directory.

Such sites offer access to drop shippers who are scrutinized for all parameters of performance and authenticity. For a small fee, you can get registered on such sites. Registered members are provided detailed information about genuine UK drop shippers, their contact details, the type of products they deal in and their terms of business.

Using drop shippers for your business is a convenient and profitable way of realizing your online business objectives. If the necessary precautionary measures are followed, wholesale suppliers can easily avoid the pitfalls and drop shipping scams associated with the Industry model.

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