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Tips for Those Who Are New to ebay Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is a supply chain management technique where you need not maintain any stock of goods, yet act as an intermediary and get the goods directly delivered to the customer and earn profit. This is done with the help of a wholesaler. Though it sounds easy, but the practical scenario is much different.

Choose the product you want to sell, carefully

Almost everything sells on eBay; so, you first need to decide what product you want to sell. Think of something that is niche, and has a growth chart. Do a research on various products that sell on eBay; this will help you analyze which products have reached their saturation phase. eBay Pulse is an online tool that can be of help. The potential to earn with eBay drop shipping is unlimited. All you need is a product, a reputed wholesaler and good customer pool.

As a new comer, you can start small and gradually understand the market trend. You can also start without any investments by advertising your product directly on eBay. Creating a website to get more customers is advisable. All buyers prefer to check the details of the product like appearance, color, price and so on before placing an order. Try and make the site as interactive as possible and make sure that it provides updated information.

Manage delivery and prices effectively

It is imperative to keep a track of your stock by being in constant touch with your suppliers. To get happy customers, it is necessary that you adhere to your delivery timelines. Keep customers’ interests in mind; you don’t want to be in a situation where you cannot deliver the product on time. This would hamper the reputation of your business. You might also have to close down if eBay charges you with a “seller nonperformance” violation.

Sustaining competitive prices is a good way to attract customers. It is not only the price that makes you better than your competitors; you also should match up the services. To build a strong customer base, you would have to understand their requirements. Keep a track of the fulfillment time by sending feedback forms and mailers to customers because feedback plays an important role in shaping your business success. These suggestions can help you improve on the customer satisfaction index.

Good customer service will make you competitive

To make it big in eBay drop shipping, you always have to bridge the gap between the wholesaler and the customer. Getting the orders and leaving the rest on the suppliers should be avoided. Always remember that you are the face of the business to the customer. If a customer needs to exchange a product, you need to get the needful done within your timelines, failing which, it may seriously hamper the future prospects of your business. You need to own up to everything that you commit to your customers. While auctioning, always remember that you need to fulfill the order irrespective of the closing price. A better option to avoid any losses is using a fixed price option to sell.

Though, eBay drop shipping is a good option to make money there certain matters that have to be carefully analyzed, understood and executed.

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