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UK Wholesaler — Online Payment

When you buy products online from a UK wholesaler, naturally you will be expected to pay using one or other online methods. Without a safe payment option, working with your UK wholesaler can be very difficult.

Another problem is that customers these days are very picky, thanks to websites such as eBay where sellers are competing to offer the best deals and the most fabulous prices. To win against competitors, you need to tap into the inventory of a reliable UK wholesaler and you need to provide customers with a safe, secure online money transfer option. You need to explore all types of online payment methods to see which one works best for your business.

PayPal, associated with eBay, is one of the most popular online payment facilities. Recent banking regulations in many countries have affected PayPal’s services to some extent. However, this site remains popular particularly with small retailers. Small traders cannot afford the high fees of some other payment transfer companies. Second, the company has made a name for itself catering to millions of eBay buyers and sellers. PayPal has some stringent security norms, which keeps out fraud. PayPal also has a system of arbitration and dispute resolution, which is a great feature since online transactions have to deal with danger from scammers and unethical merchants.

However, if you are a UK wholesaler or a reseller who trades in high volumes, using PayPal may not be a good idea. Using a credit card to make the payment is also ruled out; it looks unprofessional. Many banks offer overseas funds transfer. Explore this opportunity but don’t leave too much money lying around in the bank account that is used for financial transactions.

Joining a reputable trade forum such as Wholesale Forum wholesaleforum.com to see how other resellers deal with the issue of funds transfer online can greatly benefit an online trader. In the process, the buyer may even find a few bargains through a dropship company. A good dropshipping review will help the reseller choose good suppliers, and such reviews are available on Wholesale Forum.

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