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Wholesalers UK Look To Benefit From Government’s Move To Cut Red Tape

April 11th, 2011

Wholesalers UK have reacted positively but cautiously to the latest announcement from the government promising to cut red tape. The association has supported the launch of a website that promises to cut red tape and give businesses a forum to highlight their problems especially those related to regulations which they believe create an unwanted burden on their business operations.

The campaign has been planned by the top bureaucrats and government representatives. There is a special focus on the retail sector which in their opinion, faced the maximum problem owing to some poorly designed regulations. According to a government spokesman, a new set of laws that covers various schemes will be up for debate and comments. Ministers will get three months to explain the justification of a regulation and whether it should remain or go.

Wholesalers UK are still skeptical of the whole exercise but do agree that there is an urgent need for such a forum to come into existence to place their point of view before the authorities in the right perspective. They believe that the website is without doubt, a step in the right direction but want that when changes are announced to regulations, it must be significant enough to bring relief at practical levels to the UK suppliers .

According to the business-er’s representatives there are a whole lot of minute and detailed bits of legislation that are not used frequently and apply only to a select few companies and that too, very infrequently.

However, while welcoming the fact that such minor regulations are being scrutinized for their viability and usefulness, what the UK wholesalers really want to see are sweeping changes for major laws which will have a positive impact across the board for all companies, big and small. The worst affected are independent businesses as they are unable to cope up with bad regulations.

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