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Contentious Policies on eBay regarding Small eBay Wholesalers

April 5th, 2011

Online sellers using eBay ProStores are looking at other alternatives to sell online after eBay raised prices unexpectedly this week. EBay selling between 250 to one thousand products are likely to see a thirty-three percent increase in their monthly subscription fees. Others are likely to find the going even tougher with their fees increasing by 67 percent.

EBay suppliers are peeved by the fact that ProStores is not a full featured ecommerce hosting solution as others are and has frequent technical issues. However, it is compelling for them to use ProStores as it allows them to sync their inventory with eBay. It also allows eBay sellers to use ProStores’ third party checkout, which makes it easy for retailers to cross sell to eBay buyers by exposing them to additional products to add to their order. Often this is done at a lower commission than what they get on eBay.

EBay power sellers and eBay store subscribers have been so far receiving an attractive thirty percent discount on subscription fees, which ProStores is now putting to an end. With increased fees and abolition of eBay third party checkout, UK wholesalers are forced to consider their options. They have many alternatives to consider as similar models already operate on other auction sites as well.

Some other popular online stores have attractive starter plans that let sellers sell 50,000 products. But, to take advantage of cross selling, they have to shell out extra money and register for premium plans. Most of these plans however, are without commission fees and are heavily discounted during the introductory period.

EBay sellers have many factors to consider if they are to choose an alternate ecommerce solution.

However, the fact that eBay is eliminating ProStores discounts for eBay power sellers and Stores subscribers gives further fillip to the contention that eBay is pushing smaller eBay wholesalers out of the scene and favoring merchants who do large volume transactions.

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