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How To Spot A UK Distributors Scam

January 28th, 2011

When looking for UK distributors to do business with, it’s important to know how to spot scams. Unfortunately, the wholesale business today is such that a good dealer needs to be knowledgeable about the different scams out there. Not only can they be hard to spot, but these scams move very quickly. They can literally appear and disappear overnight. This means people often get taken in and don’t realize they’ve been scammed until it’s too late. There are no effective measures in place to prevent these kinds of scams from happening. The best way to protect yourself from interacting with fraudulent suppliers in the UK is to be wary about who you choose to work with.

The Importance of Contacts

One sure sign of fraudulent UK distributors is that they won’t have valid contact information. A legitimate supplier will have a physical address as well as a landline number. Scam outfits generally offer only an e-mail ID or a cell phone number. These can be incredibly hard to trace, and in most cases, they can’t be traced at all. If the supplier offers a great deal but only has an e-mail ID, it’s best to find another supplier.

Another thing to look for is the UK wholesaler track record. Any legitimate supplier will have a track record that you can verify via the Better Business Bureau. This is something you won’t be able to do with businesses that have just started out. For these kinds of UK distributors, it’s a good idea to try and get in touch personally and ask them for more information about their businesses. If the supplier seems cagey or unwilling to give you that information, there is probably something shady going on. Most scam suppliers set up shop very quickly and disappear very quickly as well, giving no opportunity to leave behind a track record of any kind.

Ask Around

When it comes to finding good UK distributors , you’d be surprised at how much you can learn simply by asking around. You can learn a lot by visiting  forums and by asking other wholesalers about their experiences. You can also get valuable information by reading user reviews. These can be very helpful in gaining a well-rounded opinion about different suppliers and their services.

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