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UK Online Stores Continue their Strong Showing in 2011

April 18th, 2011

Recent news reports state that UK shoppers spent more than £ 5 billion online in the month of March alone. The latest figures from the UK’s trade body confirm these figures. When compared to figures available for last year for the same month, it represents a 14 percent increase. The figures are higher, by five percent when compared to February 2010. According to dropshipper’s figure compilation, each consumer spent an average of £ 82 on online buying.

Interestingly, the British Retail Consortium reports that around the same period, UK retail sales went down by 1.9 percent. Though the percentage may seem low it is said to be the biggest drop in the last 16 years. The news report also quotes UK wholesale reviews stating that growth in online sales that includes mail orders and phone sales, rose by only 7.5 percent for March 2011.

The news once again affirms that online markets continue to be the backbone for the UK retail markets providing it the much needed support when sales through traditional retail outlets are slipping steadily. Performances were exceptionally good in the health and beauty segment, going up by a whopping 20 percent from February 2011 and an even stronger 32 percent when compared to last year.

The travel sector however is the biggest downer with online sales down by 15 percent and two percent as compared to monthly and yearly figures. Experts put this down to the austerity measures that UK citizens were forced to adopt to keep their budget under control. Research by retailing consultants show that shoppers are becoming more selective and buy only what they really need.

Reports show that multi channel retailers still hold the advantage and are holding on to their steady sales figures when compared to standalone stores. UK wholesale review sites confirm the fact that UK shoppers are shopping strongly, online, as compared to buying from small retail stores.

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