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EBay Wholesalers Expect a Strong Opening in the First Quarter 2011

March 26th, 2011

Setting up an online eBay retailing venture is not a tough task, but maintaining it successfully and making profits consistently can be tough indeed. There are thousands of individuals who try their hand at online retailing, but only a handful actually have the tenacity and the persistence to go the full distance. The lucky ones are those who have the backing and wholehearted support of business-er.

Those who intend to use the eBay platform to sell products and make good profits must study the business model adopted by successful eBay retailers. The fact that there is a gradual return of consumer confidence does add immensely to the potential of eBay retailers making handsome profits. The fact is corroborated by the record fourth-quarter sales recorded last year by online retailers in general and those who sold on eBay in particular.

The all-important fourth quarter saw online sales zoom up by a solid 11.3 percent, netting a huge $43.5 billion in sales. Wholesale suppliers were at their busiest this 2010 holiday season, which also saw the first time sales breached the billion-dollar mark in a single day. There were many more $900 million sales days, which helped suppliers including suppliers create new sales records.

The strong fourth quarter showing has firmly restored the industry belief that the recession in well and truly behind us. The online retailing industry is looking toward the future with confidence. They are sure that the last quarter performance will be repeated and the double digit growth will be easily sustained in the first quarter of 2011.

According to eBay wholesalers, the strongest performance for the last quarter came from categories such as computer software, consumer electronics, and computer peripherals. The toys and hobbies section also finished very strongly, most probably owing to the holiday season. Sales in each of these categories showed a growth of at least 15 percent.

EBay suppliers are excited at the prospect of another strong performance. They are sure that, along with leading retailers, smaller and mid-sized retailers will also bounce back into reckoning soon.

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