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Top UK Dropshipping Company Makes the Boldest Move of 2011

March 21st, 2011

In a surprise move, one of the leading UK dropshipping companies has reduced its fee by half for dropship deliveries. In a move that is sure to affect the market dynamics, the company has announced a new flat charge of £4.95 for orders shipped directly to the customers.

The Yorkshire-based dropshipping company has announced that the facility is now open to about 150 resellers using its dropshipping services. The company officials are hopeful of attracting more resellers because of this move. The UK dropshipping company claims that it is recovering much less than before on carriage charges. It firmly believes that the anticipated increase in direct shipping will more than offset the reduction in carriage costs.
Feedback from about 50 resellers who had signed up for their £20 a month scheme is believed to have forced the management to rethink about the pricing policy. The company’s managing director is on record to state that he believes that dropshipping was rapidly becoming the norm even for those partners who have the capacity and the resources to ship the merchandise themselves.

The company is believed to have made this rather unexpected decision by taking a good hard look at the ground realities today. Industry experts believe that the move is quite logical and will help the company attract a large portion of the dropshipping business. By making a bold move that positively impacts its partners and helps them save on shipping costs substantially, the company has clearly set the cat among the pigeons. It is expected that the company will soon add substantial number of clients to its list.

Other UK dropshippers may follow suit but clearly, this smart dropshipper will have the distinct advantage of being the first mover.

Resellers who were feeling the effects of fuel costs and rising inflation are sure to welcome the move.

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