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How to Avoid Shady UK Wholesale Suppliers

February 12th, 2011

If you plan to become an entrepreneur via an online retail business, the first thing you must do is get a permit to become a legitimate reseller. You are going to need one when you place an order with a legitimate UK business supplier.

Coming to the more important task, how do you identify a genuine wholesaler? The question that bothers you has given sleepless nights to many other wannabe retailers before you. But, you can find the right answers just as they all have.

Identifying legitimate UK wholesale suppliers is easy if you have the information about where to look for them. In today’s market conditions, the need to have valid information about suppliers is all the more important as scammers have managed to spread their nets far and wide, hoping that an ignorant and gullible trader will fall into their trap yet again, as they have so many time in the past.

Surely, you have no intention to be labeled a scam victim. That is why you must log on to online trade forums and dropshipping directories to get detailed information about the various scams perpetuated by dubious elements. When you find yourself in any of such situations described in the forums, you will be alerted immediately.

business forums have verified lists of the best supplier in the business. Such lists take years to create as the process of verification is strict and involves submitting each company to various regulatory checks. You can choose your pick of the best dropshippers, UK importers , UK distributors, and other genuine suppliers. There is hardly any chance for fraudsters to permeate the stringent registration process. This helps you get access to a readymade list of the best, genuine, and verified suppliers for your type of products.

If you do not want to exercise this option, then the seller that you choose from Internet search results must be subjected to the same checks that these forums apply for listing a supplier. Check their licenses, visit or at least check on their physical addresses, and ask for samples. Check out with established online businesses if they have had any bad experiences with the suppliers you have short-listed.

Finally, never ever pay any cash upfront to any  suppliers. No genuine wholesalers will ask for advance. This business model simply does not operate on advance payments.

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