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UK Wholesalers are Trying to Understand the Reasons behind Abandoned Online Shopping Cart

May 3rd, 2011

The virtual shopping cart is one of the best resources for UK wholesale to compare and analyze the buying habits on online customers. Potential purchases of products that they need now and in the future can be judged by experts who study customer psychology closely.

However, of late, online shopping cart abandonment has shown a huge increase in numbers and e-commerce managers are unable to pin point the exact reason for this strange behavior. News reports show recent developments on ecommerce sites as a cause for concern as shopping cart abandonment continues to affect sales on many online buyers and sellers.

Every abandoned shopping cart reflects a lost sale and a lost opportunity for future sales. Past experience shows that once a customer makes an online purchase, they usually generate steady and consistent sales for many years. In fact, this is the story associated with any consumer segment.

Online shopping cart abandonment is indeed an alarming sign because the shopper has abandoned the items in the cart after putting them in the cart with the intention of buying them. It is important to know the reasons for their action to improve the overall performance parameters of the ecommerce site.

There can be many reasons according to ecommerce experts. Shopping cart abandonment is therefore viewed as an opportunity by ecommerce managers to improve customer service and other areas of online business. The endeavor is to prevent further such cart abandonment and prevent sales loss in the near future. This can however, be possible only if the exact reasons for online cart abandonment are identified.

UK dropshippers are now making use of marketing software to analyze the action and follow up with customers who abandon shopping carts midway. Such carts offer valuable data about products not purchased even after the intent to purchase was there.

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