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Cases Of Misrepresentation In Wholesale UK

May 12th, 2011

Misrepresentation is a serious offence in the legal world. If proved, it can be a pretense good enough to allow one party to break a contract midway no matter what losses the other one bears. However, if you look at the wholesale UK market, cases of misrepresentation are rampant, and they cost the buyers thousands of pounds in opportunity losses indeed.

Middlemen posing as wholesalers:

Any list of wholesalers is actually full of middlemen. These guys do not add any productive value; they just want to be part of a transaction, add their profits to the costs, and make money off it. Once upon a time, this was viable because buyers did not have information about the sellers. So, if you see, the middlemen were actually adding value. They were helping buyer’s source what they couldn’t have on their own. But, the middlemen you see in the wholesale market now are very different. They offer you brand-name goods you could have brought anyway and expect to make a living off it. Ignorant buyers who don’t know that they are being overcharged continue to pay for it.

Middlemen posing as dropshippers:

A dropshipper is a legitimate middleman. They provide value-added services and expect to make a profit. However, when you buy lists of UK dropshippers, you come across middlemen who are posing to be dropshippers. When you really dig deeper, you will see that the wholesaler they use is really providing dropshipping services. They are just a futile link through which you unnecessarily pass on your information, in turn for which; they ask you for a fee.

Start enquiring whether your wholesale UK supplier really is what they pretend to be. If they are misrepresenting themselves, break the contract.

You have full legal protection behind you.

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